Acrylic Products

acrylic barYou can select great range of patters as well as colours when it comes to Acrylic since it manually made. It will also very durable and has so many design choice to choose from. Acrylic itself is a great purchase for your family; it can also be used in medical centres and hotels for wall cladding or vanity tops.

Top quality acrylic kitchen surface

Bespoke Stone Products is always using the top quality acrylic in the British market; which is provided to us by the best manufactures all over Britain; who send only the best in the country; to help us make the best finishes.

Acrylic is completely resistant to bacteria, pollutants and moisture, making it the most clean finish there is.

Whenever you are stuck in the rut, as to what to select; please visit our gallery or you can come by our show room in Manchester.