Our manufacturing process

You know how we fit your kitchen worktop, you also know the general scope of our work. But what you probably didn’t know is the exact process of preparing, cutting and modifying granite slabs that end up in your own beautiful kitchen as expertly made worktops. Fortunately, we have nothing to hide and we can show you how we perform our hard, but very satisfying job.

First things first – we have to get the particular slabs with the pattern and colour you’ve chose to our workshop. The transport from the quarry is as safe as the final delivery to the client – granite slabs used for our granite worktops have to be secured to prevent any damage. We cannot work with a chipped stone, because we cannot give such worktop to our customer – the quality, from start to finish, is our priority.

When we unpack chosen slabs, we triple-check your project and choose the tools for our job – grinders, saws, drills and other complicated appliances that we will use to form a worktop that will ideally fit your kitchen. As you can see in the pictures, our workshop is well equipped to do anything you wish and at every step we make sure that the top you’ll receive is going to conform to your specific requirements. Forming the slab into a desired shape is the most time-consuming process, but due to computer imaging with 3D rendition of the top you’ve chosen and thanks to utmost care and steady hand of our experienced stonemasons we are able to achieve perfection.

In the end we finish the cut worktop with special chemicals that will secure its surface and pack it safely to our van. What you get is a skillfully made kitchen worktop that, thanks to our tight and thoughtful cooperation with every client, will make your home more beautiful and simply better.