Kitchen worktop fitting

Ok, so you have chosen a granite worktop specifically for your kitchen. You browsed through our granite products to choose a pattern and colour that you like. You also probably used our worktop quote to see how will it look like in your house and how much will it cost you. Now you just need to order our product and wait a couple of days, so we can make your granite worktop according to your precise specification and deliver it straight to your kitchen or bathroom.

But delivery is not the last step – the fitting is also a complicated process that demands a lot of precision and experience to ensure the worktop is safely secured and ready to use. How does it look like? Just check the pictures:

As you can see, granite worktop fitting is not just a matter of putting the top in a chosen spot – it demands usage of specific tools, a lot of attention to detail and, last but not least, time consuming. But no fear, our employees are experts in their trade, so the whole process won’t burden you too much and you may show off your new, beautiful kitchen the next day!