Kitchen islands

Kitchen islands gain more and more popularity in modern kitchen space.

People, who decided to arrange it in their kitchens appreciated its values and it became inseparable element of the room.It is an additional space to cook, prepare meals or serve the dishes, accordingly to its arrangement and individual customer’s needs. It is a very functional, ergonomic and comfortable solution especially for big interiors. This element gives you not only a supplemental work place, but also a storage place. It can be used as a breakfast bar and a space to spend the time together with your family.

Kitchen islands can be adapted to interiors in different styles, such as classic, traditional or modern. This type of arrangement is very popular nowadays, so our experienced designers know well how to create a perfect isle. It should be developed in such a way to make the kitchen duties simpler and faster. Definitely it should not make difficult in moving around the room. Usually it is in the centre of the kitchen space and it is not connected with the cabinet’s countertop, so it provides a freedom of movement. This product has got a lot of advantages, so it is worth to consider. Kitchen isle fulfils not only practical functions, it is also a beautiful and elegance decoration. The arrangement possibilities are in this case unlimited. You can install a hob or sink on it. You can also fit there oven or dishwasher. We can design it accordingly to our customer’s expectations.

In gallery below we present our beautiful and practical realizations. You can find here some useful solutions for your own design.