Kitchen functionality – what requires attention?

Unskillfully designed kitchen can suck out the joy out of cooking. The work performed there will be longer and much more irritating. Discover how to avoid the most common mistakes and how to make your kitchen as functional and user-friendly as possible!

ceramic kitchenEvery kitchen is divided into 5 zones. They are determined by the sequence of actions during cooking, meaning:


Placing those zones clockwise is an ideal solution. In turn, the whole cooking process becomes easier and quicker.

The stove behind the sink – is it a good idea?

The kitchen worktop has to have two spaces for the sink and the stove. It is important to place them at least 30 centimeters apart (one cupboard between them should be enough).

Fitting shape – what to choose?

The most effective kitchen fittings have a shape of an L, G and U. We discourage you from putting the whole equipment in one row – avoid running from the fridge to the stove.