Glass splashbacks

We would like to present you a completely original idea for your kitchen, a custom made splashback.

Glass splashbacks are always suiting every kitchen, either traditional or modern. Splashbacks are mainly made from 6mm to 19mm thick low iron, toughened glass. There is a wide variety of colours when it comes to splashbacks, however most of all splashbacks are very hygienic, very easy to clean and lastly they are very useful in terms of keeping your kitchen tidy and efficient. That is essential for their practical function, as they protect the whole wall against stains, dirt and moisture.

This type of material is often a superb alternative solution for tiles, as it does not require grouting. Thanks to this the installation and maintenance is simpler. We always pay attention to details to make our products look ideally. We carefully plan the cut out arrangement to do not disturb this perfectly smooth, shiny and glazed surface. These materials are extremely resistant to high temperatures, so they are recommended for the kitchen arrangement. Accordingly to the fact, that it is a strong toughened glass, you and your family may feel safe while cooking. Its stunning look, endless possibilities of use, variety of colours and finishings – all that makes it the latest trend in home design fashion. This material can be formed into different shapes, to make it perfectly matched to the remaining area between base and wall kitchen cabinets.

All of these surfaces are polished, but we can make it shine more. To create more glamorous look, we use the particles of glitter. These sparkles are more noticeable when lit and on dark colours. Glass splashbacks ideally combine with granite or quartz worktops, forming into one astonishing composition. We take care of and provide a full measuring and professional fitting service.