Our manufacturing process


You know how we fit your kitchen worktop, you also know the general scope of our work. But what you probably didn’t know is the exact process of preparing, cutting and modifying granite slabs that end up in your own beautiful kitchen as expertly made worktops. Fortunately, we have nothing to hide and we can… Read more »

Kitchen worktop fitting

finished worktop

Ok, so you have chosen a granite worktop specifically for your kitchen. You browsed through our granite products to choose a pattern and colour that you like. You also probably used our worktop quote to see how will it look like in your house and how much will it cost you. Now you just need… Read more »

How bespoke worktop is made

granite kitchen worktops how its made

We all know that manufacturing is not an easy process, no matter what you produce – even making something simple like a matchstick demands a lot of care and precision. When it comes to kitchen worktop, the manufacturing is hard, but in the same time fascinating. Everything starts with the customer’s needs of course. To… Read more »

Kitchen functionality – what requires attention?

ceramic kitchen

Unskillfully designed kitchen can suck out the joy out of cooking. The work performed there will be longer and much more irritating. Discover how to avoid the most common mistakes and how to make your kitchen as functional and user-friendly as possible! Every kitchen is divided into 5 zones. They are determined by the sequence… Read more »