How bespoke worktop is made

We all know that manufacturing is not an easy process, no matter what you produce – even making something simple like a matchstick demands a lot of care and precision. When it comes to kitchen worktop, the manufacturing is hard, but in the same time fascinating.

Everything starts with the customer’s needs of course. To produce and install a bespoke worktop, we need precise measurements of the workspace and the shape of the whole worktop. The client also has to specify the smallest details, starting from the chosen material and color to desired edge’s shape, number (if needed) of rounded corners, type of draining grooves, need for splashbacks, tap holes etc. Each and every detail matters, as working with stone is not an easy task and every cut has to be considered a couple of times before it is done.

When the hardest part of worktop production is done, we can start the proper manufacturing process. A huge slab of a chosen material is then cut and polished according to the client’s specifications and then it is treated with special chemicals that make it even more resistant and durable. But the produced worktop has to be transported somehow and that’s another hard part of the whole process – heavy counter has to be carefully packed and delivered to the customer. But that is not all of course! Worktop installation in the kitchen is also complicated, especially when we have to deal with bigger counters – it demands a lot of menial work to put it in place and a lot of precision to make it secured. But, when all of the above actions are done, you can enjoy one of the best investments in your life – a bespoke worktop will last for decades and will be an excellent, timeless piece of art!

granite kitchen worktops how its made