Bar countertops

Bar countertops – the main arrangement of every bar interior

Our company prepared solutions especially for individual customers, as well as for business partners.
With a view to bar owners, we include to our offer bar countertops. These tops are often the main element of the bar interior arrangement. Often the attention of clients is focused exactly on this point. It is worth to take the time and energy to create an amazing and memorable countertop, as they are a visiting card of the place.

Bar tops are similar to kitchen worktops, but their construction and shape seems to be more advanced. The characteristic features of these worktops design are irregular dimensions and additional cut-outs for professional equipment. These surfaces are usually quite big and they should be perfectly suitable for bar area. Tops like this have to completely fulfill our customers needs because they are created for public areas with intensive traffic. It also means that they always have to be perfectly clean. Stone surfaces are very hygienic and safe for food. Moreover, they do not need any special treatment, all of them require a cleaning with damp cloth and water. In our rich colour selection, you definitely will find the correct one, which bring onto your place an unique and delightful atmosphere. The most suitable colour for bar tops is black. It is incredibly popular, as it is fits to diverse interior arrangements. Here at Bespoke Stone Products are available different types of black worktops with various and interesting texture.

We invite you to watch our gallery of bar countertops, where you can find a plenty of ideas for countertops design.