Stairs safe and comfortable in use have to comply with all requirements and building standards. They should be also made from durable material. The excellent building materials for stairs are natural stones, such as granite, quartz or marble. Their characteristic properties are stability for intensive exploitation and high resistance to harmful weather conditions.

Granite and quartz stairs are perfect for indoor and outdoor arrangements.

Accordingly to the difficult weather conditions, they are successfully used outdoor. Material, used for stairs making, is resistant to water, moisture, UV rays and high temperature. Granite and quartz are more suitable for outdoor installations than marble, which is quite water absorbent. Granite or quartz stairs will not be demaged or degraded for a long time. As a professionals we advise to make the stairs’ treads using stones with rough surface, which will protect users against slipping or falling.

Choosing the stone for this arrangement you should not solely be based on its appearance. Smooth and shiny surfaces are the most suitable for indoor design, especially for representative interiors. If you use this type of surfaces outdoor, you should properly protect them with some anti-skidding solutions. Creating your indoor stairs, you have a wide scope of possibilities. Here at our company you have a great selection of stairs arrangement.Stone materials perfectly combine with metal, wood or glass. We guarantee that our stone products will make your stairs elegant, safe and durable.

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