Among wide range of our granite and quartz products, you will find also interesting additional elements, which became very popular nowadays.

Splashbacks are an excellent alternative to ordinary wall tiles, which are used less than in the pass.

If you want to ad something to your kitchen design that will make it special, you are in the right place. Splashbacks are also made from pieces of granite, quartz, ceramic or acrylic. They can be designed in the same colour as the kitchen top or in contrastive colours. Both versions are possible to create amazing and well-knit arrangement. In our offer we have different types of this surfaces. One of them are hob splashbacks, which are fitted behind the cooker, extending to the entire lenght of it. They may have different fanciful shapes.

Another type are full splashbacks, which cover all remaining space between the kitchen worktop and wall cabinets. They perfectly combine with the stone countertop, creating one smooth and shiny surface. Splashbacks fulfil different functions, such as functional and decorative. They protect the wall against high temperatures, stains from dirt and fats. What is the most important they are very easy to clean and simple in maintenance. Wall stone arrangement ideally and completely presents all of the values of this beautiful and natural material. This type of wall design connected with kitchen units made from natural wood corresponds to the latest trends.
You can count on our professionals help in choosing the best solution for your kitchen.

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