Granite Worktops

Granite Worktops – durable and elegant addition to your kitchen

black granite worktopsOur most popular and best-selling products are granite worktops. Why is that? The majority of our customers prefer worktops made of stone in their kitchen mainly because natural stone does not only last longer due to its incredible durability but it also offers a perfect polished finish that brightens up and beautifies the whole kitchen. Another benefit of granite worktops is the fact that they are incredibly easy to clean and maintain – all you have to do is just wipe such kitchen worktop if you spill anything on it. Moreover, because granite is so tough it’s not easily scratched or damaged so you don’t have to worry about any work performed normally in the kitchen – you can cut products on it, put a hot pot on the surface, hit it with a meat pounder… it doesn’t matter what you do in the kitchen, granite worktop will probably survive it. It is not indestructible of course, but you would have to use an absurd amount of strength to irreparably damage it.

Why should you choose granite worktops?

Granite is found in upscale and stylish houses, palaces as well as hotel rooms across the world because of its quality and style. Natural stone offers the appearance and splendor thanks to its high quality and durability that will never be achieved by other products. The variety in each slab, specifically the grain or “movement” in the crystal structure, is a unique feature not found in any other building material.

What is granite?

Granite is a very strong natural solid rock that is mostly used as a building and decorative stone. It’s categorized as an igneous natural stone and it is created by the crystallization of magma as it cools in the Earth’s crust.
Natural granite consists mainly of:

  • quartz
  • feldspar
  • mica
  • plagioclase feldspar

The percentage and sort of each mineral give granite its exclusive look. Various conditions and mineral ingredients at each quarry site mean that each area produces an individually designed and colored stone. Granite gives beauty, simple maintenance and resistance to any factors that can be encountered in the kitchen. It’s usually hard, with pretty rich grain, making it difficult to stain and hard to scratch. If you are interested, you can read there more about pros and cons of granite counters.

Our offer

Our company is specializing in fabrication of:

  • kitchen worktops
  • bar tops
  • fireplace surrounds
  • flooring
  • reception desks
  • stone stairs
  • bathroom vanity tops
  • window sills
  • splashbacks
  • kitchen islands

But our offer includes other interesting uses of granite, such as cutting boards, coffee tables, garden equipment… Granite can be applied in so many ways that your imagination is the only limit!

At Bespoke we use the best available stone slabs on the market, delivered to us from the biggest UK suppliers that import them in to the United Kingdom from all over the world so we can manufacture various high quality products. You can see every type, colour and pattern of granites we offer on our samples page. Bear in mind that, due to the complete natural origin of the stone, every slab is completely unique and the varieties presented on our page may vary from the final product. But don’t worry, we are able to find and manufacture a kitchen worktop that you desire – feel free to contact us with and ask any questions you may have regarding the types, colours and patterns of our materials and how can we use them in your hose. You can also see how much will it cost you to install your own exquisite granite worktop on our free worktops quote – you can specify every single detail to create a product tailored to your wishes.