Product Range

Wide selection of materials

Besides traditional and elegant stone materials like granite, quartz and marble, we also have in our offer solid ceramic and acrylic materials, which nowadays are very popular.

Products for home and business

In our rich offer you will find everything to make you home or business building looks attractive, beautiful and stylish. Our company provides functional and elegant solutions for kitchen, such us worktops, islands, splashbacks, window sills and for other interiors. Here you can find an inspiration for bathroom vanity tops, fireplace surrounds, stairs or floors. Business customers can count on our professional help in bar countertops and reception desks arrangement.

Granite worktops

Granite is a natural, extremely durable stone. It has got a lightly porous structure, so it need to be sealed before the installation. When sealed it is highly resistant to liquids. It’s characteristic features are bacteria and moisture resistance, wear and abrasion resistance. It is also very easy in maintenance and has a wide colour palette. Granite material is quite simple to form in different shapes, accordingly to customer’s needs, during the fabrication process.
granite worktop

Quartz worktops

Quartz is made from natural material and some additional substances, thanks to this connection it is possible to create an unique stone. Quartz products have an unusual colour depth, intensive shine and wide colour range. It includes also some anti-bacterial elements, so it is very hygienic and safe for food. Accordingly to this material advantages, it is often used for kitchen worktops or vanity tops manufacturing. The exceptional quality of quartz is also an effect of combination of natural minerals with advanced technologies.
quartz worktop


Marble is a natural stone, always regarded to be a symbol of elegance and good taste. The richness of colours and diversity of stone textures give unlimited possibilities in interior design. Marble consist of minerals, which create its unrepeatable appearance. It is less resistant to scratches than other materials and it more often fulfills a decorative function. It is used for floor and wall cladding. Considering its resistance to high temperatures, it is ideal for fireplace decoration.


Ceramic with great range of advantages is a competitive material to granite and quartz. The most essential difference between them is that the ceramic is much thinner and lighter than quartz and granite. Consequently, it is easy and fast in transportation and installation. It is also very hygienic and environmentally friendly, as it is made from natural materials. The colour tones are beautiful and stylish.
ceramic kitchen


Acrylic is a combination of beauty and functionality. Accordingly to its characteristic properties and wide colour selection, this material gives an endless design capabilities. It is suitable for your home and business project design. Acrylic is available in over 100 colours. Its most important advantage is easy fabrication. It can be cut, diverted, moulded or inlayed, depending on customer’s needs.
acrylic bar