Fireplace surrounds

If you feel that something is missing in you living room and your fireplace seems to be unfinished, design with us your astonishing fireplace surround.

This decorative element will completely change the whole interior. Thanks to it your stove will impress your guests with the unrepeatable colours and brilliant shine.

Our high quality stone materials make the space will look more elegant, distinguished, but also warm and cosy at the same time. Using our fantastic products, you can create an ideal place to spend time and have a great moments with your family. It is worth to invest to make your stove looks beautiful and unique, as it is an area where resting, reading a book or talking with friends is a lot more enjoyable. The most popular material used for stove surrounds is marble. This stone perfectly combine with fireplaces. Cold tones of marble contrasted with the heat of flames create unusual atmosphere of peace and quiet. Of course other surfaces, such us granite or quartz, also can be used for this type of arrangement. Especially quartz have practically unlimited colouristic possibilities. Beautiful, blazing chimney always calls up positive associations. Most of us can not even imagine a Christmas time without a lit fireplace.
If you want to change something in your living room but you think you do not have enough money, ask us about the offcuts. Buying elements of granite or quartz, which left from the fabrication process and are perfect for stove surrounds, you can save your money and create individual and stylish composition.

We invite you to check the gallery of ourĀ  fireplace surrounds